What color is alodined?

Micro VGs and Strakes come "alodined" unless the pre-painted option is selected.  Alodine is a treatment stain that is applied to the extruded aluminum to close the pores. It is brownish-gold in color.

Alodined VGs, large and small

Alodined VGs

Alodined parts are typically subsequently painted ( painting tip sheet ).

Installing Micro VGs on landing light lens

Cessna 182 Wing with Micro VGs

Cessna 182 Wing with Micro VGs

Micro Vortex Generator(s) can be installed directly on the landing light lens with the provided Loctite® 330™ Depend® Adhesive. If it falls on the landing light lens frame, the Vortex Generator(s) may be moved LATERALLY the shortest distance necessary to clear the obstacle. The foot of the vortex generator may be trimmed, or shimmed as required as long as the blade remains intact.