What do I do if the airspeed indicator dial face you've sent isn't compatible with the airspeed indicator on my Cessna twin?

Unfortunately, there are so many different airspeed indicators out there we can't stock dial faces for all possible configurations. We include a dial face only for the Self Compensating True Airspeed Indicator. If you have a standard airspeed indicator or a copilot's airspeed indicator, please remove the instrument from the aircraft and have an instrument shop mark your current dial face using the dial face drawing contained in the Option#2 envelope. The aircraft may still be flown if it is in Option #1 configuration.

Is the vortex generator kit compatible with other STC's?

Yes. We cannot, of course, test every possible combination of STCs for compatibility with our STC. However, our STC allows the installer to determine compatibility with other STCs on a given aircraft. The installer can perform an Operational Flight Check per FAR 91.407(b) after installation of the Micro VG Kit to determine if there are any adverse characteristics created by the installation of VGs along with another STC.

Will the airplane's cruise speed or top speed be slower with vortex generators?

No. We have flown a Baron with Dick Rutan at Edwards Air Force Base and used radar tracking to measure speed at different altitudes. The only conditions where we found a speed reduction was a 1 knot reduction in top speed at 12,000 ft. at full power, and no change in top speed at 75% power. There were no speed reductions at any other altitude. The small amount of drag created by the vortex generators is offset by a cleaner flow of air from the trailing edge of the wing.