Stinson 108-3

Stinson 108-3

October 26, 2021

Loving the VG’s on the Stinson. Thanks for a quality product, and great service.

Micro VGs installed on PA-12

Piper PA-12

November 8, 2017

PA-12 OY-CLL has Micro AeroDynamics Vortex Generators. Not only was the generator kit the most complete and easiest kit to work with I have ever tried, it also transforms the aircraft from good to spectacular. Excellent low-speed control and a very secure feeling, even low and at 30 knots on final.

Beechcraft Baron G58

March 15, 2017


First let me thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone prior to purchasing the Micro vortex generators for our Baron G58. Very helpful.

We went ahead and had the VGs installed at our annual. To date, we are very pleased with the results.  Stall speeds were dead on to what Micro has published. Slow speed handling characteristics are very much improved. The plane feels much more solid and responsive on short final. The Baron is a very responsive airplane and handles beautifully at normal speeds. The Micro VGs provide a substantial improvement to the Baron’s slow speed handling characteristics and responsiveness. This is particularly helpful in a windy or turbulent landing environment.

Landing characteristics are very much improved. We are able to land at much slower speeds. The transition to landing is better and smoother. Landing distances much shorter. We are able to “make the first turnoff” consistently and without torturing our brakes.

Finally, we have experienced no degradation in cruise speeds. We are seeing the same cruise speeds in cross country flights as we did prior to VG installation. The only tradeoffs so far are that the line guys need to be mindful of the VGs when they are fueling and when it comes time to washing, we will have to be mindful as well. But these are small concessions compared to the improvement in the way the plane handles in slow speeds and the way it lands.

We are very happy that we have installed the VGs. They really do make a great airplane even better.


1959 Piper Pacer, PA22/20-160

January 4, 2017

My wife and I were on our way to Alaska following the AK Hwy in our newly acquired 1959 Piper Pacer, PA22/20-160. After refueling at Ft. Nelson, BC we continued out for T/O. It was 90° and we had 60 gals of gas, and bags. After a run up off we went, everything was normal until 300' when the rpm started dropping off. There were tall pole pines in front of us I started a turn away from them hoping to have enough energy to make it back at least to the mowed area of the airport, no good so I picked the lowest trees in front of us and prepared for a forced landing. I was carrying 50mph and the plane felt solid and I was able to stay in control as we went thru the tree tops and into the muskeg on the other side of a thin tree line. The prop was stopped at this time, when I felt the brush hitting the belly I flared to full aft elevator. This is where the VG's shined, I was able to slow wings level , the tail wheel touched and ran thru the moss for 15-20' , then the mains touched and tore off with the wing struts and we slid to a stop in control. I believe the VG' s enabled me to fly to the ground in complete control, slow and do a gentle landing and we lived with a few bumps when the plane came to a stop and flipped over. Without VG's I shutter to think what could have happened. My Husky and my StarDuster both have VG, they are cheap insurance. Thank you for a great product.

American Champion 7ECA, 7GCBC, 7KAB - Citabria

December 13, 2016

"Charley, Now I know why you had that little smirk on your face when you told me I would like the way it flies with VGs!. WHAT A DREAM!. Yes, it stalls slower, but the nice part is the way it handles. Now it's SWEET AND GENTLE!!"

Micro VGs on my Aeronca Chief

December 1, 2016

Thanks for all the help Anni, Might I add that the VGs have been absolutely phenomenal. They are on my Aeronca Chief and many of our "outback" strips are very short.  I have never lost any in flight, but in this case I was at a station (ranch) parked in the open when we had an incredible hail storm, golf ball sized hail. It knocked off three VGs, but fortunately there was not as much fabric damage as there could have been. I picked up the three VGs from the grass below the wings, so don't even need the spares in the kit.

Beechcraft Baron 58

Micro Vortex Generator Kit - Beechcraft Baron 58
November 29, 2016

I want to compliment you on a wonderful product.  I just had your VG's installed on  my Beechcraft Be58 N186VB. on the trip home I went out to do stalls in Landing configuration and was quite shocked how docile the plane handles now! The bottom of the arc is 70KIAS and the stall warning came on but I waited and waited for the break/buffet and only got a little buffet below 50KIAS!!!  I still had aileron control at 48KIAS!! is my indicator out of calibration or are these numbers for real?  The cruise performance is not noticeably affected.  Do you have new airspeeds written down for approach and landing, and do you have charts for new performance figures for a B58 with VG's?  What is the accelerate/stop and go performance now?  Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Micro VGs on our 114A Rockwell Commander

Micro VG Kit - Rockwell Commander 114A
November 28, 2016

I purchased the VG's for 114A Rockwell Commander and had them installed.  We fly out of high altitude airports like Santa Fe (SAF).  We have made two trips in the summer with temps increasing around lunch time.  What a great difference the VG's made. No mushing feeling in the yoke or and climb rate was greatly increased. Before we were lucky to climb at 400 feet per minute while have to be very careful with the yoke.  Now we climb at around 600 to 700 feet per minute with no feeling of stalling.  What a great product.  Thanks for the safety it adds to our aircraft.

Maule M-5 on Floats

Micro Vortex Generator Kit for Maule M-5
August 18, 2016
Maule M-5 on Floats with Micro VGs

Maule M-5 on Floats with Micro VGs

Hi There!

I own a bunch of fly-in fishing lodges.

I don't fly commercially, but use my private license to access my outposts on floats to fly myself, friends, and staff in to do work and bring in supplies. Recently I bought a Maule M-5 on floats 210 HP Fuel injected.
It is 40 years old, low time, totally rebuilt 6 years ago and well maintained. I found it to be a handful after my Champs and Cessna's. Short wing and little glide. It is called a Lunar Rocket. When I cut the power I was thinking of calling a "Lunar Rock" !

Then I decided to buy your Micro VG's with the STC. Best money I ever spent. It is like getting a brand new and improved airplane. These things should probably be on most airplanes.

  • Better aileron control and firm feel at very low airspeeds ( at faster speeds too)
  • A LOT more glide on final and flare
  • Off the water in half the time and distance
  • Climbs faster
  • And it does NOT fly the same speed: It flies several mph FASTER. Go figure.

And bonus: it took me and a friend less than 5 hours to install. Best instructions I have seen. Great templates and other materials.

Feel free to quote me.

Thanks so much for a great product, that turned a pretty good floatplane into a great floatplane.

Cessna 172 Straight Tail

October 29, 2015

Dick Smith, the owner of the C180 which was used in FAA STC certification flights, reported after his first flight with the VGs in place; "Simply Incredible! I was doing steep turns at 50 mph and without VGs I’d have precipitated an accelerated stall. I couldn’t believe how responsive the ailerons were at that speed. It‘s like a completely different airplane in the way it feels and handles. Stalls are much more placid and control response is there all the way".