Beechcraft Baron G58

March 15, 2017


First let me thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone prior to purchasing the Micro vortex generators for our Baron G58. Very helpful.

We went ahead and had the VGs installed at our annual. To date, we are very pleased with the results.  Stall speeds were dead on to what Micro has published. Slow speed handling characteristics are very much improved. The plane feels much more solid and responsive on short final. The Baron is a very responsive airplane and handles beautifully at normal speeds. The Micro VGs provide a substantial improvement to the Baron’s slow speed handling characteristics and responsiveness. This is particularly helpful in a windy or turbulent landing environment.

Landing characteristics are very much improved. We are able to land at much slower speeds. The transition to landing is better and smoother. Landing distances much shorter. We are able to “make the first turnoff” consistently and without torturing our brakes.

Finally, we have experienced no degradation in cruise speeds. We are seeing the same cruise speeds in cross country flights as we did prior to VG installation. The only tradeoffs so far are that the line guys need to be mindful of the VGs when they are fueling and when it comes time to washing, we will have to be mindful as well. But these are small concessions compared to the improvement in the way the plane handles in slow speeds and the way it lands.

We are very happy that we have installed the VGs. They really do make a great airplane even better.


Beechcraft Baron 58

Micro Vortex Generator Kit - Beechcraft Baron 58
November 29, 2016

I want to compliment you on a wonderful product.  I just had your VG's installed on  my Beechcraft Be58 N186VB. on the trip home I went out to do stalls in Landing configuration and was quite shocked how docile the plane handles now! The bottom of the arc is 70KIAS and the stall warning came on but I waited and waited for the break/buffet and only got a little buffet below 50KIAS!!!  I still had aileron control at 48KIAS!! is my indicator out of calibration or are these numbers for real?  The cruise performance is not noticeably affected.  Do you have new airspeeds written down for approach and landing, and do you have charts for new performance figures for a B58 with VG's?  What is the accelerate/stop and go performance now?  Thank you for such a wonderful product.