Cessna 172 Straight Tail

October 29, 2015

Dick Smith, the owner of the C180 which was used in FAA STC certification flights, reported after his first flight with the VGs in place; "Simply Incredible! I was doing steep turns at 50 mph and without VGs I’d have precipitated an accelerated stall. I couldn’t believe how responsive the ailerons were at that speed. It‘s like a completely different airplane in the way it feels and handles. Stalls are much more placid and control response is there all the way".

Cessna 150, 150A-E

Anacortes, WA
October 29, 2015

CFI Dick Britton has this to say about Micro VGs:

  • "Improved controllability at slow speed"
  • "More perky - gets off the ground quicker"
  • "Improved stability - a more stable ride"

172 Swept Tail

October 27, 2015

CFI, Dick Britton had this to say about Micro VGs on his Cessna 172:

  • You can fly slower & fly smoother
  • It helps in landing
  • Crosswind control much better
  • Better Control, - real solid right at stall
  • More confidence in undeveloped airstrips
  • Much smoother ride in turbulence, - great improvement here
  • You've got a great product