Micro VGs installed on PA-12

Piper PA-12

November 8, 2017

PA-12 OY-CLL has Micro AeroDynamics Vortex Generators. Not only was the generator kit the most complete and easiest kit to work with I have ever tried, it also transforms the aircraft from good to spectacular. Excellent low-speed control and a very secure feeling, even low and at 30 knots on final.

1959 Piper Pacer, PA22/20-160

January 4, 2017

My wife and I were on our way to Alaska following the AK Hwy in our newly acquired 1959 Piper Pacer, PA22/20-160. After refueling at Ft. Nelson, BC we continued out for T/O. It was 90° and we had 60 gals of gas, and bags. After a run up off we went, everything was normal until 300' when the rpm started dropping off. There were tall pole pines in front of us I started a turn away from them hoping to have enough energy to make it back at least to the mowed area of the airport, no good so I picked the lowest trees in front of us and prepared for a forced landing. I was carrying 50mph and the plane felt solid and I was able to stay in control as we went thru the tree tops and into the muskeg on the other side of a thin tree line. The prop was stopped at this time, when I felt the brush hitting the belly I flared to full aft elevator. This is where the VG's shined, I was able to slow wings level , the tail wheel touched and ran thru the moss for 15-20' , then the mains touched and tore off with the wing struts and we slid to a stop in control. I believe the VG' s enabled me to fly to the ground in complete control, slow and do a gentle landing and we lived with a few bumps when the plane came to a stop and flipped over. Without VG's I shutter to think what could have happened. My Husky and my StarDuster both have VG, they are cheap insurance. Thank you for a great product.

Bobby Unser - Piper PA-23-250 Aztec

October 1, 2015
Bob Unser showing his Beechcraft B36TC Bonanza with Micro VGs on horizontal stabilizer.

Bob Unser showing his Beechcraft B36TC Bonanza with Micro VGs on horizontal stabilizer.

Dear Charley,

The Micro Vortex Generators I bought from you for my Aztec have made it a new airplane! They not only do what you said they would but a whole lot more.

My ranch in New Mexico is at approximately 8000' elevation and before I had the Micro VG's installed I almost couldn't get in the air before I ran out of runway. Now it jumps off the runway; it wants to fly.

I can now land on the 2300' runway and some times not even use the brakes. It stalls a bit below 60 now and doesn't really stall, it just settles down with full control and full aileron response.

Charley, the Micro VG's on my Aztec gives me the improved performance to let me comfortably fly out of my ranch at 8000' elevation and 2300' runway. It is just fantastic and has also provided a large degree of safety I didn't have before, and that is very important as every one knows.

Anyone flying an Aztec (or anyone flying a twin) should have a Micro Vortex Generator Kit installed.

Thanks for a great product.

Yours Truly,