Beechcraft Baron 58

Micro Vortex Generator Kit - Beechcraft Baron 58
November 29, 2016

I want to compliment you on a wonderful product.  I just had your VG's installed on  my Beechcraft Be58 N186VB. on the trip home I went out to do stalls in Landing configuration and was quite shocked how docile the plane handles now! The bottom of the arc is 70KIAS and the stall warning came on but I waited and waited for the break/buffet and only got a little buffet below 50KIAS!!!  I still had aileron control at 48KIAS!! is my indicator out of calibration or are these numbers for real?  The cruise performance is not noticeably affected.  Do you have new airspeeds written down for approach and landing, and do you have charts for new performance figures for a B58 with VG's?  What is the accelerate/stop and go performance now?  Thank you for such a wonderful product.