Applicable Models: 8KCAB


MICRO Vortex Generator Kit for the Champion 8KCAB - Decathlon is FAA STC approved and ready for installation on your airplane. The Micro VG Kit includes the STC, VGs, installation tools, computer cut templates, detailed illustrated drawings and instructions, and Loctite® 330™ Depend® Adhesive for installing the vortex generators on your airplane.

Showing Micro Vgs on a 8KCAB Wonderplane
Showing Micro Vgs on a 8KCAB Wonderplane

With and Without Micro VGs

Testimonial / Endorsement

Verl Scheibe, whose Scout 8GCBC we used for the FAA certification flights said it best; "Charley, Now I know why you had that little smirk on your face when you told me I would like the way it flies with VGs!. WHAT A DREAM!. Yes, it stalls slower, but the nice part is the way it handles. Now it's SWEET AND GENTLE!!"