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Micro VGs

VGs size comparison
VGs size comparison

Micro Vortex Generators are small aluminum blades placed in a spanwise line aft of the leading edge of the wing and tail surfaces. They control airflow over the upper surface of the wing by creating vortices that energize the boundary layer. This results in improved performance and control authority at low airspeeds and high angles of attack.

How VGs Work

How VGs Work
How VGs Work

Micro VG Kit

Your kit includes: Micro Vortex Generators, installation tools, detailed drawings, instructions, templates for positioning VGs, spare VGs and Loctite® AA 330™ adhesive. All Materials necessary for installation are included in the Micro Vortex Generator Kit, with the exception of a ladder for installing VGs on the tail, a roll of paper towels and bottle of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the working surface. If the kit includes strakes, then an electric drill and pop-riveting tool is also needed.

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